The core of our trade business is well-organised logistics. Due to close cooperation with the Port agents and stevedores, we achieve the best results from the logistic activities. building of infrastructures such as port and inland silos, warehouses, cranes as well as processing plants are of Exon interests to arrange joint ventures on.

In the year 2013, EXON had procured a vast area located in the vicinity of Central Iran, close to the Qom Kashan Freeway which is accessible to the Railway grid, thereby facilitating storage and supply of more than 80,000 metric tons of cargo as and when required by the clients. 
In addition, other than the warehouses in the Port’s (located out of the Customs areas,) permission was granted by Golestan State authorities which has enabled EXON to establish additional terminal and Storehouses, which is contributing to the North Western Railway project at Incheh Borun. With these facilities and equipment’s at hand, supplies of EXON can be availed more efficiently and under better economic values by our esteemed clients of the Northern State