EXON is amongst the Top 10 importers and distributors of Feed commodities. With the aim of further expanding and developing the traditional business under the brand name “ MORVA, “ this company was established in the year 2008. Our company footprint extends across the Iranian cities and beyond, and we are one of the most reputable importers and distributors of Feed Commodities in Iran since the past several decades. The trading business of our company is an efficient connector between international agricultural commodity producers and our domestic customers. Having implemented superior business solutions we have been able to meet the interests and requirements of our partners. To secure quality service to our customers we collaborate with reliable suppliers, respectable financial institutions and transportations. We are in connection with agricultural producers of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the EU as well as the Americas. As success has been earned from the perpetual renovation and innovation of our management strategies, our approach to expansion, acquisitions and joint ventures has given traction to a distribution network that now spans more than 26 States of our country with an eye on having Distribution center’s in other parts of the World too.

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